Secret Frequency (formerly Canadian Women Working in Music) is an organization dedicated to making the music industry and the music community as awesome as it pretends to be.

 We want to see more under-represented people represented; hired, paid, well paid, lauded, encouraged, really well paid, making a good living and a life in the music community.  We want a music industry that recognizes smart, skilled, audacious, bold people and ideas, instead of pretending to do so while serving up the same old bullshit over and over again.

We are an Intersectional Feminist organization, working to make real change in the ways that the music community and industry sees itself and treats women, racialized people, LGBTQ people, disabled people, and more.  We reject corporate Feminism. We are not here to sell you a t-shirt (though we may at some point sell t-shirts); we’re here to put a wrecking ball through the old boy’s club.  

And we’re here to work ethically; we believe that it’s possible to make change without running ourselves or anyone else into the ground.  We believe in health, in supporting mental and physical health. We work slow when we need to and fast when we can, and try to find ways to make change without burning out ourselves and our allies. We want to work thoughtfully, and ethically, and responsibly. 

So far, we’ve produced Live Sound workshops for women, the annual Canadian Festival Report Card, and the Secret Frequency Artist Database, featuring Canadian cis and trans women, trans men, and non-binary artists because bookers have a hard time finding them for some reason.  We are only beginning.

Formerly two separate organizations, Secret Frequency and Canadian Women Working in Music, Secret Frequency is an incorporated not-for-profit based in Toronto, Ontario.


Please do get in touch, but remember that we’re a volunteer-run organization.

[email protected]