Nuela Charles
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Artist Spotlight: Nuela Charles

Nuela Charles is an alternative soul singer/songwriter based in Edmonton, Canada, known for her soulful vocals and captivating stage presence. Noted as “one to watch” by the legendary, Nuela has become an indie synch darling, landing 11 TV placements off of her debut album “Aware” alone!

Cited by the U.K.’s Metro publication as “cocked, locked and ready to be shot onto the world stage with a soulful voice that may one day fill the Amy Winehouse-shaped holes in everyone’s hearts,Nuela has brought her distinct voice to various stages across North America. Over the last several years she has showcased at Canadian Music Week multiple times, headlined an evening at the Edmonton Jazz Festival, and even landed an opening support slot for Ziggy Marley.  Nuela’s debut American performance was at the uber-coveted “It’s A School Night” showcase in Los Angeles, on the personal invite of Chris Douridas, popular DJ and musical tastemaker at Santa Monica, California’s radio station KCRW, after he added Charles’ saxy “Unfortunate Love” into rotation.

The lead single “Crumbling Down” from her sophomore 2018 Juno Award nominated album The Grand Hustle,” landed Nuela a nod from pop culture staple, and spread nationwide as it landed on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 charts for seven weeks straight. Charles is ready to release more of her fiery brand of cinematic soul.

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