We’re working on building a strong list of useful links and resources, broken down by geographical areas. 

Directory of Women, Trans Folk and Non-Binary Peeps in music

We’re working on getting some useful directories up and running; you can view out work-in-progress directories here:

Secret Frequency Artists Database – Over 800 Canadian Cis and Trans Women, Trans Men, and Non-Binary artists and bands (some other folks might sneak in there by accident; we’re not infallible).

You can fill out a form to add yourself and/or your band here; your information will not go public immediately.

General Directory – this is an early-stage directory of Cis and Trans Women, Trans Men, and Non-Binary peeps who work in music in some capacity, from agents and producers to songwriters and publicists. Once we get it together a bit more, it will not include performing musicians (unless they’re also managers/sound techs/etc.). We’re still working on ways to make this really useful, but in the meantime we don’t want to hoard the info.

You can fill out a form to add yourself here; your information will not go public immediately.

(the directories are manually updated by volunteers; please have patience, as it may take some time for your entry to be posted).

General Resources


Unison Benevolent Fund – provides counseling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community.
Local 1000 – the touring musicians’ union, for Canadian and US touring artists
Canadian Federation of Musicians – a complementary office of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada
Music Managers Forum – the collective voice for Canadian music managers and self-managed artists
Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens (CARFAC) – A national organization for visual artists that also includes many tools and references for artists in general
Musicians Rights Organization Canada (MROC) – collecting and distributing royalties to musicians and vocalists
Women in Music Canada – A national organization promoting equality in the music industry
Centre for Women in Business – Canada’s only university-based business development centre for women


Yukon Women in Music – A volunteer-run resource for women in the music industry
Music Yukon – A provincial organization to support and promote Yukon musicians

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Artists Legal Information Society – Halifax, legal advice for artists
Women in the Music Business – Nova Scotia – a part of Music Nova Scotia; join their Facebook group for great discussions!
Music Nova Scotia
 – A provincial organization to support and promote Nova Scotia musicians
Music Liberatory – An organization working to increase the number of women instrumentalists, focused particularly on the current and present leadership of women of colour

Newfoundland & Labrador

Music NL – Funding, member artists database, advocacy, etc.

Northwest Territories

Music NWT – Advocacy, member benefits, etc.

Prince Edward Island

Music PEI – a great advocate for PEI artists, offers funding, member benefits, showcases, etc.


Artists’ Legal Advice Services  – Toronto, free legal advice for creators
Artists’ Legal Services Ottawa – Ottawa, legal advice for creators (possibly free?)
Folk Music Ontario – A provincial organization supporting and promoting Ontario’s folk artists
Music Ontario – A provincial organization supporting and promoting Ontario musicians
Ontario Live Music – A provincially-funded calendar for gigs in Ontario
Toronto’s Women in Music – A Facebook group with lively conversation and a sense of camaraderie


Manitoba Music – really the gold standard for regional music advocacy groups in Canada.  Workshops, showcases, resources, support, awesomeness

New Brunswick

Music New Brunswick – resources, funding, and a great artist directory of NB artists

British Columbia

Music BC – the voice of the BC Music industry locally, domestically and internationally, through active advocacy for funding, policy, red tape reduction, tax credits and creator’s rights. 
Artists’ Legal Outreach – Vancouver, Legal advice by donation


Clinique Juridique des Artistes de Montreal – Montreal, free legal services for artists


Sask Music – Resources, workshops, funding, and a member artist directory


Alberta Music – dedicated to helping professionals in the music industry to succeed in their careers.


Music Parity – a US-based organization producing a report on gender parity at festivals and an artists’ database called Broadsheet

The F-List – a UK-based list of women artists and bands, broken down by genre and label/unsigned

VBain Consulting Links – a great list of resources, especially focused on England and the EU

Keychange – an organization encouraging festivals and music organizations to achieve a 50:50 gender balance by 2022. We have questions/criticisms (why would it take until 2022?), but they’ve done a great job of taking the conversation to the media