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    2018 Canadian Festival Report Card

    The 2018 Canadian Festival Report Card is here, and the results are heartening. Canadian Festival Report Card: 2018 Highlights 57 festivals were graded at an ‘A,’ up from 34 in 2017 113 festivals were graded Every province and territory in Canada is represented in this report card As a group, these 113 festivals get a ‘B’ grade, booking 43% women-identifying or non-binary artists (up from 36.5% women-identifying or non-binary artists in 2017) This is a big improvement, but we have questions: are women getting headlining slots? Are racialized and LGBTQ artists getting booked? Are women, racialized people, and LGBTQ people getting paid equally in comparison to their white, straight, Cis,…

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    Notes from FMO meetup

    Canadian Women in Music Meetup Friday, October 17, 4:30pm Folk Music Ontario Conference Notetaker: Trish Facilitator: Candace Shaw Attendees: Enid Carol Goodman, Gabrielle Papillon, Corinne Rose, Allison Brown, Suzi Wilde, Nicole Colbeck, Emily Mitchell, Kathleen Merrett, Joanne Mill, Sarah Beatty, Mimi Shaw, Jayne Mitchell, Francine LeClair, Kristine St. Pierre, Shawna Caspi, Heather —, Leah Morise, Mike Bourgeault, Laura Spink, Terry Hart, Mary Bennett, Maryanne Gerard, Nancy Dutra, Eve Goldberg, Julie Kerr, Lea Dalgoy, Sarah Elizabeth, Amanda Rheame, Trish Murray, Rachel Barecca, Marianne Girard, Treasa Levasseur, Anita Lennon-Barlow, Tannis Slimmon, Brian Litvin, Victor Hugo Lopez, Rodrigo Muniz, Graydon James, Clela Errington… Discussion: Candace welcomed everyone, outlined ideas that are a starting…