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    Criteria – Canadian Festival Report Card

    Canadian Women Working in Music releases an annual report card scoring festivals on the gender parity and gender representation in their lineups. We call for Canadian festivals to ensure that 50% of all bands/artists in their lineups be either led by women-identifying, transgender, or non-binary people. For the purposes of this research, CWWIM defined “Women fronted” “Transgender-fronted,”or “non-binary fronted” bands as any band appearing at a festival which was: a solo woman-identifying, transgender, or non-binary performer a duo or trio with at least one woman-identifying, transgender, or non-binary performer a larger group in which a woman-identifying, transgender and/or non-binary people play a significant role (more than a backup singer or…

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    2016 Canadian Festival Report Card

    For the past twenty years, the music industry has seen its stages dominated by men in most genres and scenes.  With the exceptions of the occasional women-focused festivals, like Lilith Fair, women have tended to see very little representation on stages, and nowhere is that more noticeable than at a festival, where sometimes hours can pass before a woman, a racialized person, or a member of the LGBTQ community walks on stage as a member of a band. With that in mind, we’ve been tallying up the numbers, and are presenting them below. This list is presented in the spirit of information-sharing – often, bookers and Artistic Directors don’t realize…

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    On the cult of genius.

    The arts are full of abusive narcissists, people who are “soooo talented” that we’re told we have to overlook their bad behaviour and cherish their scarce genius. We have some prominent examples before us currently, but it plays out everywhere. These people are in every arts community, and they are endlessly destructive. They hoard resources and connections, they cut down their peers, they support no one but themselves.  Anyone who contradicts them is ostracized, shouted down, shut out. You don’t kiss the appropriate  ass, or – god forbid! – you offer an honest critical opinion of their work.  Suddenly you can’t access cheap rehearsal space,  you can’t find collaborators, you…

  • Canadian Festival Report Card
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    2014 Canadian Festival Report Card

    In 2014, we made out first (of, hopefully, many) attempts to capture the data behind how many women are appearing on festival stages in Canada. We asked for volunteers to submit stats for festivals, looking primarily for how many bands played each festival, and how many of those bands were fronted by women.   Here are the results: A    45% – 50%+ (2 festivals) Home County ON – 55.56% Wavelength ON – 50% B    35% – 44% (3 festivals) Summerfolk ON – 40.48% Montreal Folk Festival PQ – 40.91% Winnipeg Folk Festival MB – 40.48% C    25% – 34% (2 festivals) Sappyfest NS – 25.81% Wintergreen Concert…