Canadian Women in Music is (so far) an informal group composed of people who identify as women working in the music industry, whether paid or volunteer, and allies who support them.  It includes performers, administrators, bookers, agents, promoters, and more, welcoming all aspects of the music industry.

The aim of this group is to encourage, promote, support, connect, and educate women in the music industry.
The focus is on achievable, actionable goals and strategies to address issues that affect women in music.

The first meetup of this group was at the 2014 Folk Music Ontario conference, and anyone interested is encouraged to hold regional meetups in order to address issues that they identify.

There’s a ‘Canadian Women in Music’ Facebook group where you can connect with others to discuss and strategize.

Please click links below to view notes, projects, and ideas.

Women in Music Database

Women in Music Database

One of the discussions that arose from the Women in Music at FMO meetup in October was that a lot of women in the industry are looking for other women to work with – as producers, as side players, etc.  It also seems to me that conferences and festivals who are asked or challenged on […]

Notes from FMO meetup

Canadian Women in Music Meetup Friday, October 17, 4:30pm Folk Music Ontario Conference Notetaker: Trish Facilitator: Candace Shaw Attendees: Enid Carol Goodman, Gabrielle Papillon, Corinne Rose, Allison Brown, Suzi Wilde, Nicole Colbeck, Emily Mitchell, Kathleen Merrett, Joanne Mill, Sarah Beatty, Mimi Shaw, Jayne Mitchell, Francine LeClair, Kristine St. Pierre, Shawna Caspi, Heather —, Leah Morise, […]

3 Responses to Cndn Women in Music

  1. I was double booked na couldn’t make this meeting but am interested.

  2. Li says:

    Great to see new generations and continued growth ….I did my master’s degree specializing: “Women in country/folk genre–1960’s to 1990’s” ….I look forward to what awaits.
    facebook: lianaguitarbabe

  3. Interesting discussion. . glad this is happening, happy to be part of it.

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