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    Artist Spotlight TEKE TEKE

    Formed at the crack of 2017, TEKE TEKE was first an homage to legendary Japanese guitarist Takeshi ‘Terry’ Terauchi. Using his music as a starting point, TEKE TEKE has quickly evolved into a band of its own by blending Japanese ‘Eleki’ with elements of modern music such as shoegaze, post-rock and noise. Therefore, making the experience not so much a trip back in time, but rather a psychedelic look into the future! With a repertoire that revisits old school tracks from the land of the rising sun (Kaji Meiko, Asakawa Maki, Nakajima Miyuki…), several songs from maestro Takeshi, TEKE TEKE is now naturally moving on to writing original music. The…

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    Artist Spotlight: Jeanne Rochette

    Passionate about music and theatre, author-composer and French vocalist Jeanne Rochette  studied in Paris. Upon her arrival in Quebec ten years ago, she became dedicated to the genre Chanson. With carefully-crafted lyrics, scenes drawn from real life, and funny, even wacky delivery, she enriches the repertoire of French Chanson with inspiration from jazz and world music. Releasing her first album in 2010, entitled Elle sort, she revealed this original universe. She was the winner of Les Découvertes de la chanson de Magog in 2008. On stage, the vitality of Jeanne and her theatrical experience make a spectacle of color and energy. Claude Lemesle (lyricist for Reggiani, Bécaud, Dassin…) says of…

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    Artist Spotlight: Claire Morrison

    There’s something about Manitoba; it’s not the largest Canadian province, nor the most populous, but something in the air or the water or the quality of the light seems to create a terroir ((That one’s for you, Eli!)) that informs and supports the growth of great musicians.  Is it the long Winters, or the support of amazing organizations like Music Manitoba, or some other, less tangible factor? I don’t know, but somehow Manitobans seem to consistently delight me. I first heard Manitoban/Montrealler Claire Morrison at the Folk Music Ontario conference this past Autumn; I was part of a panel called Demo Derby, where artists bring a demo of a song and,…

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    Artist Spotlight: Lakes of Canada

    I can’t remember where I first heard Lakes of Canada, but I feel as though in the last month or so, their name has come up a dozen or more times.  Rousing, fun, intelligent, and skillful, I think they’d kill whether in an intimate bar or on a festival stage. This is the kind of band that can get a cross-generational audience up on their feet dancing as well as lining up at the merch table. Great harmonies and overall vocals, as well as a nice mix of instrumentation, make listening to their music a lovely experience. Add to that their really beautifully-crafted sound a slew of fun, watchable videos…