• Grade A Festivals,  Manitoba

    Real Love Summer Festival

    Real Love Summer Festival (Tuelon, MB) July 24-26, 2020, is a three-day festival celebrating community, music, and Summer. Operating year-round as Real Love Winnipeg, they work to make Winnipeg a more frequent destination for exciting underground and established touring bands, and to provide music fans with the most enjoyable, affordable and safe concert experience possible. Real Love Summer Festival has received an ‘A’ grade on the Canadian Festival Report Card for the past two years. Visit their website for tickets and lineup info! https://reallovewpg.com/reallovesummerfest

  • Artists,  Manitoba

    Artist Spotlight: Kelly Bado

    With influences from her African heritage, la chanson française and American gospel, Kelly’s music crosses cultural barriers to bring people together in joy and hope. Striking vocals and uplifting melodies make for a performance that stays with the audience long after the show is over. Kelly has created a sound and message that is an intoxicating blend of Soul/World/Pop.  In a very short time she has transitioned from local prominence to National exposure. Her debut French language recording entitled “Entre Deux”, produced by award winning writer/producers Norman Dugas, Daniel Roa and Chris Burke-Gaffney has been rewarded with an unprecedented amount of coveted awards. The latest and not the least being…

  • Artists,  Manitoba,  Quebec

    Artist Spotlight: Claire Morrison

    There’s something about Manitoba; it’s not the largest Canadian province, nor the most populous, but something in the air or the water or the quality of the light seems to create a terroir ((That one’s for you, Eli!)) that informs and supports the growth of great musicians.  Is it the long Winters, or the support of amazing organizations like Music Manitoba, or some other, less tangible factor? I don’t know, but somehow Manitobans seem to consistently delight me. I first heard Manitoban/Montrealler Claire Morrison at the Folk Music Ontario conference this past Autumn; I was part of a panel called Demo Derby, where artists bring a demo of a song and,…